Not for yourself, O church, do you exist, any more than Christ existed for himself.
Charles Spurgeon

Dustin Ulrich


Dustin Ulrich has been serving as the Assistant Pastor at Slate Belt-Nazareth Baptist Church since 2012. He is the administration pastor and also works with the teens and families of the church. Dustin is married (Bekah) and has three children (Katelyn, Alysha, and Shayne). He is a graduate of Pillsbury Baptist Bible College and Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. When Dustin is not working at church or hanging out with his family he can be found out playing soccer, practicing guitar, or at a storage auction.


Ron Edelman – Head Deacon
Chris Janneck – Assistant Head Deacon
Frank Cullen – Secretary
Bob Kinsey
Bob Van Orden
Jacob Roam
Tony Zaferiou

Administrative Assistant

Kelly Baker


Bonnie Cullen


Matthew Silvius


John Shubnel

Financial Secretary

Tom Perna

Slate Belt Church

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